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Here at Maroochy Surf School we love our Corporate Sessions!!

What a great way to spend time with your team/work mates and challenge each other with the skill of surfing. Being at the beach is the perfect “middle ground”. Where bosses and employees alike find themselves in challenging situations where the only answer is hard work and joining together to fell success. There is nothing better than the feeling of fulfilment you get when as a group you succeed in one of our many challenges.

Our options include everything from your basic surf lesson to team building excersises to even a beer and a BBQ at the end. Prices and group sizes vary so please fill out the form below with your details and we will get back to you ASAP with your options.

  • Taught by friendly, hand-picked local and international surf coaches
  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up, to paddling, to catching waves and standing
  • Includes important surf and safety rules
  • Relaxed, supportive vibe
  • Professional and well organised

If you are interested in setting up a Corporate Surf Program, please complete the below form:

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